Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reader Feedback (interactive post with lots of links, yay)

Friends, thank you so much for supporting my blog and article during these past few weeks. As of writing this, I have had 422 pageviews from ten countries, many of you clicking through from my posts on Facebook and the IDRS Forum. I know this is not a lot by internet standards, but it has already surpassed my wildest imagination.
I also really appreciate the feedback you all have given me. Please keep it coming. One reader encouraged me to check out Penelope Trunk’s blog, which is full of wonderful career advice. While I was there, I found this recent article in The Atlantic: “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” by Anne-Marie Slaughter, professor at Princeton and formerly of the U.S. Department of State. It’s a long one that I confess I haven’t finished yet -- but I definitely plan to. (The printout is sitting next to me while I type this.)

Seeing this Atlantic article brought to mind a comment from another one of my readers: “So what one needs to have a dual career is a wife.” Having a supportive partner/family certainly seems to be common with my interviewees so far. Due to this reader feedback, I will ask future interviewees more about how they fit family into the dual career equation. I suppose they would be more accurately described as having triple careers with the round-the-clock job of a family. If there are any other issues you think I should address more in my interviews, please let me know!

Another reader directed me to this article in The Guardian: “Can You Make Any Kind of Living as an Artist?” The reporter talks to a variety of creative professionals who also hold down many types of jobs to support their endeavors, including some very demanding careers as a lawyer, editor, and teacher. Definitely check it out and please keep visiting here for inspiring stories from some remarkably talented, hard-working individuals.

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