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Luke Bakken, bassoonist and software developer

David Carpenter, composer
David DePeters, percussionist and Executive Director of IRIS Orchestra
Jon Fink, cellist and real estate agent 
Joe Hallman, composer, higher ed administrator, and student
Shannon Langman, mezzo-soprano and photographer
Michael Lisicky, oboist, author, and historian
Dan McDougall, double bassist and higher ed administrator
Brian Peterson, bassoonist and surgeon
Christina Schmidt, oboist and children's librarian
Jacob Smith, bassoonist, arts administrator, tech entrepreneur, and father
Dawn Webster, trumpeter and acupuncture student 
Samantha Wittchen, harpist, sustainability consultant, writer, and artist 


Balancing Act 
Big Week
Call for Interviewees
Coming Attractions!
Compartmentalization vs. Multi-Tasking/Day Job vs. Moonlighting
Diane Lacelle, Oboist and Denturist, Montreal, Canada
Don't Call it a Comeback
Getting Back into Shape
"Go for it, but don't pay for it." 
Go Read Somebody Else Today 
Greetings from the Inn at Bethlehem
How is a Special Event like a Performance?
How I Spent My Summer Vacation...Er, Rather, My Week
How it Started, Part One: If he can do it, why can't I?
How it Started, Part Two: Maybe I AM the only oboist trying to do this! 
Interviewees' Shared Characteristics
More Failures
New Poll, New Updates from Interviewees
One Reason Why I've Been M.I.A.
Political Respite
Reader Feedback (interactive post with lots of links, yay)
Reader Poll: How Do You Keep Track of Your Schedule?
Recap of ArtsReach Conference and Weekend in NYC
Recovering Oboist Goes To LA
Recovering Oboist is on Pinterest 
Results of the Poll

Staying in Shape 
Thank You!
To Gouge or Not to Gouge?
Top 10 -- 2012 Year in Review
Update from Luke Bakken, Bassoonist in the Spokane Symphony
Weekend Update
Welcome to Recovering Oboist
What's My Motivation Again?

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