Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update from Luke Bakken, Bassoonist in the Spokane Symphony

At the time I posted the interview with Luke Bakken, bassoonist and software developer, we had lost touch. Through the wonders of the internet we have reconnected. 

Luke is currently handling the Spokane Symphony strike as a member of the Players' Committee.

If you're not familiar with the dispute, check out Luke's new blog for a recap of what's happened so far. 

Luke has an excellent post called "Day Jobs" that readers of Recovering Oboist will find especially interesting. He discusses his dual career life and why, even though his choice to work a full-time job outside of the orchestra is right for him, that it's not an ideal situation for most professional orchestral musicians.

This relates to the strike because one of the areas of disagreement is the orchestra leave policy. Luke elaborates on that area of the contract negotiation in a separate post.

The SSO musicians also have a website and a Facebook so please go there for more information and "like" their page for continued updates.

Here's hoping that the strike is resolved quickly so the musicians of the Spokane Symphony are making music together again soon.

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