Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recovering Oboist Goes to L.A.

Readers, I'll be in Sunny California from January 17-23!

My trip includes two days in L.A., where I'll catch up with interviewee Dawn Webster and be the ultimate fangirl at LA Chamber and LA Phil concerts. Then I'll drive up to Santa Barbara for four days with my BFF Jasmine Yarish

I will be armed with my smartphone, laptop, and my new digital voice recorder so there's no limit to what I might post from the road! 

First person to name the SATC episode this still is from wins a souvenir from L.A.!  UPDATE:  Jeannine K. is the winner! 


  1. Wait, I change my answer! I think it was called Boy Interrupted. In this episode Samantha Jones pretends to be a member by using a stolen membership card and brings the girls along. Am I right??

  2. :) You were closer with "Escape from New York." Hint: There were two episodes in the L.A. storyline. "Escape from New York" and another one. :D :D