Sunday, October 21, 2012

Call for Interviewees

Dear Readers, I'm looking for new people to interview for Recovering Oboist. I'm in search of:

People who work as professional musicians. Amateurs, I love you too, but I'm looking for people who play with professional ensembles and are paid for their work.
People, who, in addition to their music careers, also have a career outside of music that you do not need to be a musician to do. Again, music teachers, librarians, personnel managers, contractors, etc.: I love you, but you need to be a musician to do your jobs. I'm looking for people representing diverse fields.

Certain arts administrators will be considered (marketing, development, managers, etc.) because you don't necessarily need to be a musician to do those jobs, though it probably helps if you are.

I will also consider those who are working as professional musicians but are pursuing study in another field. I will have an interview with someone like this coming up soon.

Through the wonders of technology, I have interviewed people near and far, so location does not matter. You need not be a classical musician; other styles welcome. 

Lastly, it pains me as a professional musician to say this, but I can't pay you anything. You will have the opportunity to share your wisdom with my readers. I can link to your site and embed a YouTube video. If you're local and we have a one-on-one interview I will buy you food or a beer.

Here's a recap of people I have interviewed so you can get an idea:
  • Luke Bakken, bassoonist and software engineer
  • Joseph Hallman, composer, higher ed administrator, student [blog post forthcoming]
  • Dan McDougall, double bassist and arts/higher ed administrator
  • Elizabeth Racheva, soprano, arts/higher ed administrator, mother [blog post forthcoming]
  • Brian Peterson, bassoonist, surgeon, father
  • Chris Schmidt, retired oboist and children's librarian; mother
  • Jacob Smith, bassoonist, marketing/development director, tech guru, father [blog post forthcoming]
  • Anonymous oboist/engineer who does not want to be on my blog but I interviewed them for my IDRS journal article.
Please email or comment if you would like to recommend yourself or someone else. I look forward to hearing from you!

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