Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming Attractions!

Exciting new content is in the works! I have interviewed composer Joseph Hallman, a remarkable person you will learn a lot from, so please stay tuned. All of the interviews are giving me more insight into my own journey so I'll be writing more articles about that, too.

The interviews do take quite a bit of time to put together: scheduling, the actual interview, transcribing, and then lots of editing to make sure they're perfect and that the interviewees are comfortable with them because it's pretty personal stuff we're talking about. 
So, until the new posts are up, I thought I'd give a little bit of progress report on the blog to date:
  • Total pageviews: 1,061 and counting!
  • Most popular post: Dan McDougall, 92 views and counting
  • Second most popular post: Luke Bakken, 62 views and counting
  • Most popular page: About the Author, 33 views and counting
  • Readers represent the U.S. and nine foreign countries.
  • Most popular referring sites are Facebook and IDRS.
Thank you so much for helping this to grow beyond anything I imagined! Please share this blog with students, colleagues, and friends. I hope you agree that all of the interviewees have some wonderful insights into how to have a meaningful "double life" balancing their music and another career.

I also do many posts based on reader comments and feedback so please keep it coming!

Until soon,

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