Monday, March 18, 2013

Recovering Oboist is on Pinterest

I went from asking "What's 'Pinterest'?" to totally obsessed within a few hours. 

I'm told that it's used primarily for pictures, but I'm finding it incredibly useful to organize things I read and find on the interwebs. 

 You, dear readers, might also enjoy my "Boards": 

Work/life-balance articles

Sometimes I link to or discuss those here, but I read many more than that and will begin to add them to this Pinterest Board. I have also posted links to all Recovering Oboist interviews to date and will add new interviews there, too. It's nice to see the smiling faces of all the interviewees in one place!

Articles about the broader arts and nonprofit sectors

I rarely provide commentary on these issues on the blog, given their complexity and the complexity of my role(s) in the field, but I read about this every day and will "pin" articles I find interesting, useful, or that I plan to revisit.

Cool performances around the world

When I'm not working -- which is an increasingly smaller amount of time -- one of my favorite things to do is to go to concerts. I will "pin" concerts that I'm attending, wish I could attend, thinking about attending, as well as YouTube of artists I enjoy. I have started with things I might see when I'm in New York this weekend.

Please follow me on Pinterest if any of the above sounds interesting or useful to you!

And I have many excellent interviews coming up here soon, so please stay tuned -- and thank you for reading.

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