Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Week

Quick recap of a particularly busy week that's only halfway over!


This week I achieved a goal I've had since age 18: I made a recording to enter in the Gillet International Oboe Competition. Countless thanks to pianist Tim Ribchester; recording engineer Drew Schlegel; and the Curtis Institute, where I recorded.


Also thanks to all of my friends and family for being supportive and patient during the past several weeks of particularly intense preparation. I'll try to post some of the audio here after the competition judging is complete.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked with The Bach Choir of Bethlehem on its Bach to School in-school programs. Today's performance marked the program's 20th anniversary and the milestone of the 100,000th child in attendance.


Many, many proposals in progress, and tomorrow is our next event with the Curtis Crescendo Club. It's sold-out so at some point I'll post a recap instead of plugging it in this post.

Coming Attractions on the Blog

This weekend I am taking a day trip down to UMD's "Clarinet Day" to attend a seminar by the extraordinary actor Lawrence Gilliard, probably best known as D'Angelo on The Wire. He is a Juilliard-trained clarinetist and his class is on using acting techniques to enhance your musical performance. I am a huge Wire fan so this will be pretty amazing and I look forward to writing about the experience for you.
In Memoriam

Rest in peace, dear Bill Bennett, and sympathy to your friends and family. Here is his heartbreakingly beautiful performance in Tchaik 4.

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